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UDISE+ Datasets on Open Government Data (OGD) Platform

February 24, 2022

Education is one of the primary sectors in the development of the human resources of a nation. High quality data always played a vital role in data-driven decision making in this sector. From basic data on student enrolment ratio (GER) to promotion rate/drop out rate at each level of school helps the administration understand the performance of the education system and identify changes needed in programmes and policies.

Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE+) is a database about schools in India.  This data includes the number of schools, number of teachers, student enrolment, pupil teacher ratio, school infrastructure etc. It also provides information on the state of the education system and its evolution over time.

Ministry of Education, Department of School Education & Literacy has shared the UDISE+ data till the year 2019-20 on Open Government Data Platform (OGD).

Follow the links to avail the datasets:

  1. Enrolment by Age and Class (UDISE plus)
  2. Teachers by Gender, Academic Qualification, Professional Qualification, Classes Taught, School Category and School Management (UDISE plus)
  3. Enrolment by Location, School Management, School Category and Social Category (UDISE plus)
  4. Schools by Availability of Infrastructure and Facilities, School Management and School Category (UDISE plus)