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Teeka Mobile App

March 29, 2019

The Teeka Mobile App provides a platform for the citizens to track the vaccinations of children and the pregnancy of the female members in their family.

As soon as a pregnancy is confirmed, the expecting mother gets herself registered at a Public Health Centre in the Teeka Database. This initiates a schedule of pre-natal check-ups that she has to go for. The App sends reminder on the scheduled check-up date and marks the check-up as delayed if they are not performed on the scheduled day. Neo-natal check-ups are also included in this schedule.

Once the delivery is done, the new born is registered in the Teeka Database which initiates a vaccination schedule for him/her. On the day on which a vaccination is scheduled, the app will display a reminder on the phone which has been used for the infant’s registration so that parents do not unintentionally skip their child’s vaccination. The app also locates the nearest PHC for check-up/vaccination.