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State/UT-wise number of Higher Education Institutions in India – 2012-2013

June 19, 2015

Observation: M/o Human Resource Development (MHRD) initiated an All India Survey on Higher Education to build a database and to assess the overall picture of higher Education in the country. There were 32190 Institutions in all over India as on 2012-2013. 4 States namely Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh contributed 51.4% of All India total number of institutions. Maharashtra had 5513 number of institutions which contributed 17.1% of All India total. Karnataka had 4498 number of institutions which contributed 14% of All India total. Tamil Nadu had 3575 number of institutions which contributed 11.1% of All India total. Uttar Pradesh had 2966 number of Institutions which contributed 9.2% of All India total. Apart from that, Gujarat had 2136 institutions contributing 6.6% of All India total. Andhra Pradesh had 1702 institutions contributing 5.3% of All India total. Madhya Pradesh had 1602 institutions contributing 5% of All India total.
Each of the UTs and following 11 States viz. Arunachal Pradesh (20), Sikkim (25), Mizoram (41), Meghalaya (51), Goa (59), Tripura (59), Nagaland (68), Manipur (77), Jharkhand (179), Jammu and Kashmir (214) and Uttarakhand (299) contributed less than 1% of All India total number of institutions.

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Source: Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education