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Rice Arrivals in All India Mandis from 2016-17 to 2020-21

November 17, 2021

Rice arrivals in All India Mandis were 3,88,44,321 thousand Kg in 2016-17. It was increased by 28,74,466 thousand Kg during 2017-18. In 2018-19, Rice arrivals were 58,49,534 thousand Kg followed by 57,01,377 thousand Kg in 2019-20 and 26,47,049 thousand Kg in 2020-21 (upto 29.01.2021).

Note: Source – RAJYA SABHA SESSION – 253 UNSTARRED QUESTION No 503; Data values are in 000′ Kgs; Source: AGMARKNET; *: Quantity of Sugarcane, drawn and crushed by sugar mills; **: Sugarcane crushed upto 31 Dec 2020.

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Resource Title: Crop-wise All India Mandi Arrivals of top ten Crops from 2016-17 to 2020-21 (From: Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare)

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Source: Rajya Sabha