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Power Generation in India through Wind based from April-2018 to October-2018

April 7, 2020

Compound monthly growth rate of -5.39% has been seen in generation of power through wind based during April-2018 to October-2018. Power generation through wind based was 2964 million units (MUs) in April-2018. It has increased by 53.68% to 4555 MUs in May-2018 above April-2018. In absolute term the increase was 1591 MUs in May-2018 against April-2018.

We have observed monthly de-growth of -55.56% in generation of power through wind based in September-2018 from 10565 MUs during August-2018. Power generation through wind based was 2126 MUs during October-2018, down by -54.72% versus 4695 MUs during September-2018. In absolute term the decrease was -2569 MUs in October-2018 against September-2018.

Maximum power generation of 11046 MUs has been found in July-2018 through wind based in India during the period under consideration.

Note: Source: RAJYA SABHA SESSION – 247 UNSTARRED QUESTION No 3026; Hydro & Wind Generation Figures in Million Units (MUs).

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Resource Title: Month-wise hydro and wind generation during 2018-19 (From : Ministry of Power)

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Source: Rajya Sabha