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Pension payment, Interest payments and Total Expenditure during 2007-08 to 2012-13

December 8, 2014

The total payment is calculated by adding the Pension Payment, Interest Payment and Total Expenditure (planned and non-planned) expenditure. Total payment increased around 15.5% during the years.

In year 2008-09, the total payment was 1029336 Crore with 16.1% increase of previous year value i.e. 886932 Crore. Out of which, pension payment has contributed to 17.3%, Interest payment contributed 2.8% and total expenditure contributed 17.8%. In year 2009-10, the total payment was 1185785 Crore with 15.2% increase (Pension payment 26.2%, Interest Payment 9.9% and Total expenditure 15.0%) of previous year value i.e. 1029336 Crore. In Year 2010-11, the total payment was 1371172 Crore with further 15.6% increase (Pension payment 31.1%, Interest Payment 10.4% and Total expenditure 14.9%).

In Year 2011-12, the total payment was 1588219 crore with 15.8% increase (Pension payment 18.9%, Interest Payment 8.2% and Total expenditure 16.4%) of previous year value. In year 2012-13 (Pre-Actual), the total payment was 1821749 crore with 14.7% increase (Pension payment 15.6%, Interest Payment 10.9% and Total expenditure 15.0%) of previous year value.

Note: Data processed and generated by the financial resources division, Planning commission. Figures are in Rs. Crores.

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Source: NITI Aayog/Planning Commission