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Literacy Rate of Tamil Nadu from 1951 to 2011

February 26, 2019

One of the major issues in Tamil Nadu at the earlier periods was Literacy, for which, no awareness was created among the people, especially for females. The graphical representation below clearly explores the growth of Literacy rate in Tamil Nadu from the year 1951 to 2011.

The Literacy rate in Tamil Nadu has seen upward trend and is 80.09% as per 2011 population census. Of that, male literacy stands at 86.77%, while female literacy is at 73.44%.

According to 1951 census, the percentage of male literacy rate was 31.7%, which is 3 times more than the female literacy rate at 10.1%.

As per 1981 census, the male literacy rate has grown 2 times from 31.1% to 68.05% where as female literacy rate has increased 4 times from 10.1% to 40.43% during this period.

It is seen that over the last 6 decades, the female literacy rate has grown 7 times as against 3 times the male literacy rate and overall, the total literacy rate has increased by 4 times.

Resource Title: Time Series Data-Population and Literacy Rate of Tamil nadu : SHB 2017
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Source: Statistical Hand Book of Tamil Nadu 2017

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Source: Tamil Nadu, Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Department, Department of Economics and Statistics