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Kohima: Analysis of street light data for better coverage

February 1, 2022


Street lights plays a very important component in improving the level of security in a society. A good street lighting improves the safety of the drivers in the city as well as the quality of life of its people. To understand the street light coverage in the city an analysis was carried out by Kohima Smart City.


From the data that has been collected, we have learned that out of the 19 wards that exists in the city, some have more street lights as compared to other wards. And the average number of poles in each ward in the city is 44, with only 5 wards having more than average number of poles.

The wards that have a high number of poles in the city are:

  • New Ministers Hill, Lerie , NST and D farm
  • High School Ward
  • Hospital colony / Officers Hill Ward

And the wards with the least number of poles in the city are:

  • Lower Chandmari
  • Kitsubozou
  • D ‘ Block

A second level analysis of this was done as well, i.e. looking at the streetlights by type – conventional and LED. It was observed that the number of LED light poles is relatively higher than the conventional non-LED lights in the streets of Kohima.

Wards with the highest number of LED poles are:

  • New Ministers Hill / Lerie / NST / D farm : 105
  • High School Ward: 85
  • Hospital colony / Officers Hill Ward: 39

Wards with the least number of LED poles are:

  • Lower Chandmari : 03
  • Kitbozou :06
  • D’Block : 07

The average number of LED poles in each ward the city is : 28

Wards with the highest number of conventional /non LED poles are :

  • New Ministers Hill / Lerie / NST/ D farm : 56
  • High School Ward : 46
  • Hospital Colony/ Officers Hill Ward : 21

Wards with the least number of conventional non LED poles are:

  • Chandmari Lower Colony Ward : 02
  • Chandmari Lower Colony Ward : 03
  • D Block Ward : 04


Using this data it was seen that LED lights have more advantages such as, LED lights can reach full brightness instantly, they can withstand most weather conditions and they are more environmentally friendly. The action plan ahead is to fully transform all the street lights into more effective and eco-friendlier street lighting system. Further, this data will be used to analyse specific areas that need more lighting w.r.t. the current population, areas where there are more criminal incidents, etc. this will help improve the lives of the citizens in Kohima.