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Grievance Analysis for Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation

July 31, 2019

The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation provides large number of services to citizens. Like any other municipal corporation it is responsible for providing and maintaining various kinds of infrastructure, issuing licenses/certificates and services like public health, public education, public entertainment, public safety etc. The PCMC is also responsible for

  1. Maintaining continuous supply of drinkable water supply
  2. Collection and segregation solid waste
  3. Sewerage management throughout complete city
  4. Storm Water management

While providing such huge number of service, sometimes citizens find quality of service not up to the mark. Also, since the PCMC is a complex statutory body, it is not possible for common citizens to know everything about PCMC’s services offered to citizens and how one can get the information. This brings out the need of an efficient information dissemination and grievance redressal system.

Earlier there were not many options available to the citizens to register their complaints. They had to visit local representative’s office or they had to submit written application to get their queries and grievances resolved. In 2013, PCMC started their own helpline to resolve citizen’s grievances under the guidance of then Municipal Commissioner Dr. Shrikar Pardeshi. With all the available, the Municipal Commissioner started taking review of the grievances addresses by each departments and time taken to address those grievances. As of now there are around 16 different channels through which citizens can register their grievances. Following Figure -1 shows the different number of modes by which the grievances are received and how SARATHI has become the most effective mode of channel to hear citizens.

All this available data helps HoDs and Municipal Commissioner to identify the similar and high priority grievances and departments where attention is required. Following Figure 2 shows how the Pareto Analysis helps to identify the departments where resources need to be mobilized to redress maximum grievances to create maximum impact.

The above figure clearly shows that out of all the grievances received Civil, Health, Water Supply, Sewerage, Environmental Engineering, Building Permission departments contributes to more than 80% of the grievances. The Municipal Commissioner and the HoDs plan to deploy their resources to redress the grievances of these departments. By focusing on just 5 departments out of 39, PCMC plans to resolve 80% of the grievances. . The above approach shows how there exists an organized and structured way to resolve issues related to Municipal Services in PCMC.