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Exploring Data Portal India Activities on Twitter

December 8, 2015


Today, in the era of bigdata, communication has become easy and widely associated with the masses. Twitter, Facebook & Google+ are spreading their root all around the world and let their users communicate and stay connected with society. In the same way, Data Portal India has stepped forward in connecting the citizen and letting them know about the open government data and data science activities through Twitter and Facebook. On daily basis, on the OGD platform, there is publication of a number of open government datasets & other resources and visualization on its website ( and spread the same through social media websites.

Here, I am going to explore the activity of Data Portal India on twitter. Data Portal India is using dataportalindia as twitter handle; twitter handle is a twitter name that is used to respond when tweeting someone and people identify user through it. It has the @ sign in front of it, and if you take the @ sign off you can just type in Handle) ( ) and you’ll be at their twitter page.

Now let’s start the journey of Data Portal India through the twitter. In this process I have used R programming to get inside the twitter by using twitteR package.

First install all the essential packages in R that is required for the analysis. These packages are twitteR and httr.


getUser function returns a user object, which can then be pulled for further information. It helps further to grab information about the user’s followers, who they follow, retweets and more. Here, u object contains user information and after applying getDescription() it gives the description of profile that is updated by user. OGD India has 74123 followers and 44 friends in its account. u$getFriends(n=5) gives the name of 5 friends of OGD India as n=5.

Now take the list of all friends of Data Portal India that includes their Screen Name, Location, Name, Status Count, Followers Count, Favorites Count, Friends Count and url as shown below

screenName location name statusesCount followersCount favoritesCount friendsCount
MEAIndia Vikas Swarup 11062 504128 8 478
AgriGoI New Delhi Agriculture INDIA 468 8771 10 164
KeralaTourism Kerala, India Kerala Tourism 18340 49663 535 2028
IndiaCensus2011 India IndiaCensus2011 206 24918 0 296
TexMinIndia New Delhi Ministry of Textiles 650 47543 77 90
opendatacon opendatacon 1013 2233 1885 1207
dgftindia India DGFT 154 4473 0 8
OpenDataZurich Zürich, Switzerland Open Data Zurich 8731 3719 7734 3064
FinMinIndia New Delhi Ministry of Finance 1466 84711 8 124
mygovindia New Delhi MyGovIndia 1047 227700 38 69
GoI_DeitY New Delhi DeitY 1397 26480 151 354
RailMinIndia Ministry of Railways 5696 523338 19 103
adgpi New Delhi, Delhi ADG PI – INDIAN ARMY 3318 512804 6 31
MoHFW_INDIA Nirman Bhawan Ministry of Health 4397 136663 41 26
HRDMinistry Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi Ministry of HRD 934 254232 22 130
RashtrapatiBhvn New Delhi President of India 3197 1076287 2 0
HMOIndia North Block, New Delhi HMO India 1964 691751 123 25
PTI_News New Delhi, India Press Trust of India 31338 634853 0 1
DDNewsLive New Delhi, India Doordarshan News 74070 856235 10 12
rsprasad India Ravi Shankar Prasad 2005 708435 216 231
DataGovUK UK Open Public Data 539 4530 64 299
PMOIndia___ PMOIndia 0 48910 0 0
ICSEconf Austin, TX ICSE 1924 2810 83 1126
sampitroda Sam Pitroda 4875 295736 954 177
MIB_India New Delhi, India MIB India 23992 423443 170 16
tourismgoi New Delhi, India Ministry of Tourism 2482 28603 0 154
PMOIndia India PMO India 7699 8598239 1 211
PIB_India New Delhi PIB India 68153 668430 363 132
govcampus International GovCampus 5594 4616 9 3386
OpenGov Washington, DC Open Government 829 817829 0 82
Indiagovin New Delhi indiaportal 794 15911 66 32
undata UNdata 176 16408 5 79
NITIAayog New Delhi, India NITI Aayog 1495 689008 51 157
KNOWINDIAPORTAL India Know India 1840 4501 0 2
LatestDataGovUk latest 22 683 0 1
indiawater India India Water Portal 20124 12752 169 2029
opengovpart Open Gov Partnership 7761 30401 338 1235
JeanneHolm Pasadena, CA Jeanne Holm 2873 4020 555 937
worldbankdata World Bank Data 6486 30528 77 341
GuardianData London, UK Guardian Data 7132 61624 7 204
CKANproject Everywhere soon CKAN 1392 6785 73 492
OKFN Global Open Knowledge 7736 34738 1293 1519
OGPL US/India OGPL 50 502 0 3
usdatagov Washington, DC 2958 19308 250 127


In the friend list, favorite count has its own importance and indicates the number of likes of the profile page. OGD Portal has 7 favorite counts and what they have twitted it is shown below:


Now let’s do the analysis of timeline page of OGD. Timeline page gives the information (tweets) provided by user on its twitter page. It helps its followers updated. OGD India has around 2968 tweets. I have done timeline analysis through that I have grabbed all tweets and have shown 10 below:user$favorite gives the detail of all favorite.


For further analysis, I have taken 400 tweets. Below table has the complete information of the tweets for Demonstration purposes I have used only 5 tweets.

text favorited favoriteCount replyToSN created replyToSID id replyToUID
Deaths by Factory/Machine Accidents during 2014 FALSE 1 NA 12/4/2015 7:09 NA 6.72674E+17 NA
#Visualization: #Traffic handled at #JLN #Port from 2000-01 to 2013-14  #OpenData #OGDIndia FALSE 2 NA 12/3/2015 4:58 NA 6.72279E+17 NA
Accidental deaths by Cooking Gas Cylinder/Stove Burst during 2014 FALSE 2 NA 12/2/2015 6:45 NA 6.71943E+17 NA
All India #ConsumerPriceIndex – Jan 2015 to Aug 2015 #OpenData #Economy @FinMinIndia #OGDInd FALSE 5 NA 12/1/2015 4:33 NA 6.71548E+17 NA
Deaths in Traffic Accidents during 2014 FALSE 3 NA 11/30/2015 6:56 NA 6.71221E+17 NA


statusSource screenName retweetCount isRetweet retweeted longitude latitude
<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Facebook</a> DataPortalIndia 2 FALSE FALSE NA NA
<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Twitter Web Client</a> DataPortalIndia 1 FALSE FALSE NA NA
<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Facebook</a> DataPortalIndia 4 FALSE FALSE NA NA
<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Twitter Web Client</a> DataPortalIndia 9 FALSE FALSE NA NA
<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Facebook</a> DataPortalIndia 6 FALSE FALSE NA NA




timeline_ogd_twitterA replyToSN attribute that includes the username of a user dataportalindia was replying to via a particular tweet.

Graph indicates the tweets created and twitted by DataPortalIndia. It doesn’t seem much interesting because of limited information. To make it more interesting it’s better to plot OGD replies to another twitter user, arranging the user names in the order in which they were first publicly replied to:



The red dots are replies, and the green dots are tweets that are neither replies nor retweets.

Now lets do some more experiment. In twitter, #tag analysis is also very popular. #tag helps users to understand what users are posting in twitter by keeping particular tags in reference. To visualize what users have posted by keeping dataportalindia as #tag, I have created statistical app using R and Shiny wherein just type particular tag and it grabs all the information and network graph that associates people around that tag in one page.



From the above analysis, we have realized that we can track anything if the data associated with that event is available in any format, just it requires right direction. Here, we have explored twitter activity of Data Portal India from that we have grabbed information regarding followers, friends, retweets count, association of group on particular tweets, second by second activity and more.