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Expenditure of Government of India from 2017-18 to 2019-20 (Interim)

May 2, 2019 Author : OGD PMU Team

Total Expenditure of Government of India was Rs. 2141975 crores during 2017-18. It has increased by 14.72% to Rs. 2457235 crores during 2018-19’s Revised Estimates above 2017-18. Annual growth of 13.31% has been observed in total expenditure of Government of India to Rs. 2784200 crores during 2019-20’s Budget Estimates (Interim) versus 2018-19’s Revised Estimates.

Out of Government of India’s total expenditure of Rs. 2784200 crores during 2019-20; (A.) Centre’s Expenditure was Rs. 2179521 crores (78.28%) which includes Rs. 541345 crores for Establishment Expenditure, Rs. 860180 crores for Central Sector Schemes/Projects and Rs. 777996 crores for Other Central Sector Expenditure, and (B.) Transfers Expenditure was Rs. 604678 crores (21.72%) which includes Rs. 327679 crores for Centrally Sponsored Schemes, Rs. 131902 crores for Finance Commission Grants and Rs. 145097 crores for Other Grants/Loans/Transfers.

Out of total expenditure of Government of India of Rs. 2457235 crores during 2018-19; Rs. 1949430 crores (79.33%) was for (A.) Centre’s Expenditure and Rs. 507805 crores (20.67%) was for (B.) Transfers Expenditure. (A.) Centre’s Expenditure included Rs. 517025 crores, Rs. 736796 crores and Rs. 695609 crores for Establishment Expenditure, Central Sector Schemes/Projects and Other Central Sector Expenditure respectively during 2018-19. (B.) Transfers Expenditure included Rs. 304849 crores, Rs. 106129 crores and Rs. 96827 crores for Centrally Sponsored Schemes, Finance Commission Grants, Other Grants/Loans/Transfers respectively during 2018-19.

Note: Data value are in Rs. Crores.

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Resource Title: Expenditure of Government of India – 2019-20 (Interim)

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Source: Ministry of Finance , Department of Economic Affairs