A Digital India Initiative


December 12, 2018

The Datacop platform is an attempt to empower the vulnerable sections of society through the use of technology. With increased attention on crimes against women our team decided to look for a method to prevent all crimes against women. There are 4 parts to this system Analytics, Android, Blockchain and Machine Learning.

DataCop Analytics platform: This platform uses historical data to predict, project and gain insights. Analysis was done on 15 years data related every Police District in the country. This gives very actionable insights which can translate into direct results. We analysed 13 datasets which account for more than 25,00,000 data points.

DataCop Emergency Alert System: This is a system of 2 apps, the alert app and the police app. As the victim uses the alert button, the details and the location of the victim are sent to the nearest police station without any requirement of internet. After the first alert is generated, the victim can be tracked offline for any required period of time. This data is used for further analysis.

DataCop E-FIR System: This is a Blockchain distributed database with Ethereum contract between The Citizens, Police and Administrator. Policeman has to address the complaint which then can be Upgraded to an FIR or Rejected or More information can be Requested. When any complaint is not addressed for more than 10 days, the Administrator is alerted. Data is then mined and analysed.

DataCop Safe Routes: This is a feature which works with a machine learning model and the historical data, data from the alert app and data from the E-FIR system to map crime hotspots for every street in the country. It can be integrated with service like Google Maps, Ola, MakeMytrip etc. to help travellers avoid sensitive areas and find the safest path home.