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Annual Rainfall in Odisha Subdivision from 1901 to 2017

October 3, 2019 Author : OGD PMU Team

Annual rainfall of 1284.2 mms was there in Odisha subdivision during 1901. It has increased by 5.05% to 1349 mms in 1902 over 1901. We have seen annual growth of 24 basis points in annual rainfall in Odisha subdivision to 1396.2 mms during 1951 versus 1392.8 mms during 1950.

Annual growth of 52.43% has been observed in annual rainfall in Odisha subdivision from 1097.2 mms during 2000 to 1672.5 mms during 2001. Annual rainfall in Odisha subdivision was 1344.5 mms during 2017, up by 7.26% against 1253.5 mms during 2016.

In Odisha subdivision; maximum annual rainfall of 1945.3 mms and minimum annual rainfall of 987 mms has been seen in 1961 and 1974 respectively during the period under consideration. During the last 10 years from 2008 to 2017, we have found maximum annual rainfall of 1632.4 mms in 2013 in Odisha subdivision. Maximum monthly rainfall of 320.8 mms observed in August-2016 during the year 2016 and 349.7 mms seen in July-2017 during the year 2017 in Odisha subdivision.

Note: All values are in MMS; NA: Not Available.

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Resource Title: Sub Divisional Monthly Rainfall from 1901 to 2017

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Source: Ministry of Earth Sciences, India Meteorological Department (IMD), India Meteorological Department (IMD), Pune