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Women Participation in 15th Lok Sabha Elections

December 27, 2013

India – the largest democracy in the world went for its 15th Lok Sabha elections in the the year 2009.

For the 15th Lok Sabha elections, total number of votes polled were 41.72 Cr with a turn out of roughly 58%. Some of the major states like West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab, the turn out stood to be over 70 percent while the turn out in states(which has approx 53 percent of total electors) like Madhya Pradesh(51), Jharkhand(51), Maharashtra(51), Rajasthan(48), Gujarat(48), Uttar Pradesh(48), Bihar(44) and Jammu & Kashmir(40) turn out (Total Number of Votes Polled/Total Number of Electors) stood at less than 52 percent. While, Women constituted 48 percent of the total electors, the turn out ratio for the women was abysmally low with only 56 percent. Turn out ratio fell below 50 percent in ten states including Delhi.

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