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Top 10 States in Number of Companies Limited by Shares as on 31st March 2012

October 13, 2014

The top 10 States having largest number of companies limited by shares, out of the total number of 674856 companies limited by shares in India, as on 31.03.2012 are: Delhi: 142027 companies (21.05 % of total companies), Maharashtra: 136561 companies (20.24%), West Bengal: 104835 companies (15.53%), Tamil Nadu: 45144 companies (6.69%), Gujarat: 36987 companies (5.48%), Andhra Pradesh: 36646 companies (5.43%), Karnataka: 32682 companies (4.84%), Uttar Pradesh: 24362 companies (3.61%), Rajasthan: 24015 companies (3.56%) and Kerala: 15130 companies (2.24%).

Total paid-up capital of the companies limited by shares in these 10 States, out of total paid-up capital of Rs. 1570629 crores of all the companies limited by shares in India, as on 31.03.2012 are: Delhi: Rs. 325449 crores (20.72% of total paid-up capital), Maharashtra: Rs. 358011 crores (22.79%), West Bengal: Rs. 107022 crores (6.81%), Tamil Nadu: Rs. 150884 crores (9.61%), Gujarat: Rs. 124687 crores (7.94%), Andhra Pradesh: Rs. 118261 crores (7.53%), Karnataka: Rs. 97209 crores (6.19%), Uttar Pradesh: Rs. 56465 crores (3.6%), Rajasthan: Rs. 26900 crores (1.71%) and Kerala: Rs. 14875 crores (0.95%).

Some states having more companies, ranks lower in total paid-up capital. For example, Delhi has 142027 companies (21.05% of total companies) and ranks First in terms of total number of companies – ahead of Maharashtra having 136561 companies (20.24% of total companies); yet it lags behind in total paid-up capital at 325449 crores (20.72% of total paid-up capital) as compared to Maharashtra having 358011 crores (22.79% of total paid-up capital). This reflects average higher level of paid-up capital for the companies of Maharashtra as compared to Delhi.

Note: Provisional; Capital in Rs. Crore; *Paid-up Capital is worked out on the basis of the companies data available on the MCA Portal.

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Source: Ministry of Corporate Affairs