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Smart City Ahmedabad : Janmitra Wi-Fi

September 18, 2019

Janmitra Wi-Fi

Smart City Ahmedabad intended to provide a high-speed internet facility at public places to its citizens via setting up of Wi-Fi hotspots at the public places like Parks, Tourist Places and other public places spread across the city.

180 free Wi-Fi as Janmitra Wi-Fi locations have been established at all BRTS bus stands, public libraries, public gardens, hospitals, AMC zonal offices etc. with 2MBPS unlimited internet access from morning 6 am to 11 pm, to the citizens. Like wise others, this initiative by Smart City Ahmedabad been widely used by citizens, and so to observe the usage of free Wi-Fi in city is very crucial and so reports generated through system are very effective to monitor and to take corrective actions to avail this free service without interruption. SCADL is managing by monitoring the range of uploading and downloading of data.

Smart – Monitoring through iCCC

  • Wi-Fi usage and connectivity monitored at ICCC
  • If Access Point is down then alert acknowledged by data analyst and incident generated
  • The incident has been informed to concern officer and vendor to resolve.
  • The situation monitored till the AP becomes functional as per SLA.
  • Data limit now set to 1.5GB per day per user.
  • Dashboard provides live details of free Wi-Fi services with daily as well cumulative data usage like total OTP used, OTP sent, Online time (hrs), No. of sessions, total downloads of data, total uploads, total users, total APs etc. which reports to concern officials to assist decision making.
  • Report provided details of top 10 hot spot areas in city with maximum data usage
  • Data also provided details of unique users and able to map the registered mobile number in case of any excessive usage detected for particular time.

Based on reports generated the data analyst reports the status to concern officials and decision making take place with corrective actions.

Way Forward

Under the Pan city ICT Infrastructure SCADL essentially intended to provide inexpensive and pervasive connectivity to 500 major public spaces across the city.