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Securing Amaravati Smart City Land Registry with Blockchain Technology

July 24, 2019

Amaravati being a Greenfield Smart City, has lot of advantages in its favor – specifically the development in Amaravati is planned much more meticulously than other brown field cities. The Institutional policy framework that Amaravati has in place ensured that not just the development by public, but also those by industry players follow various guidelines that adhere to overall vision of the city, where data governance is given the highest priority.

Well-being Action Plan (House-hold Survey) by APCRDA, comprises of resident demographic data and socio-economic data which helps in achieving 360° view of residents, and link the core data of residents with their socio-economic data to improve service delivery, accountability, and decision making. Several measures are planned to be undertaken keeping in view of various data-sets such as residents land details, their social backgrounds, climatic conditions, soil data, water availability, and other environmental parameters.

LPS facilitates land owner with returnable plots for the land they have given consent, for development of the Capital City area. This is secured by blockchain which shall integrate existing department systems thru API calls & co-exist non-intrusively.

Following are the benefits:

  • All property record creation and changes are entered in the immutable ledger along with digital signatures of the authorized officers
  • QR code-based property ownership Blockchain Certificates to citizens
  • Geo-fencing capability to identify overlaps across plots
  • Capability to integrate with property tax system to enable simple, efficient and transparent record of ownership and tax transactions on a given property
  • Capability for instant data exchange through Smart Contract powered Data-as-a- Service (DaaS) API calls
  • Also, Building Permissions, Layout Permissions, TDR Bonds are blockchain secured along with the Land Pooling Scheme data-sets