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Progress Update of Tamil Nadu’s Open Government Data Portal as on 31-05-2019

June 12, 2019 Author : TNOGD PMU Team

Progress of TNOGD Portal

Open Government Data Portal of Tamil Nadu is meant for supporting Open Data initiative of Government of Tamil Nadu, which presently has 12,897 resources / datasets under 737 catalogs covering across 45 departments.

The Statistical Hand Books (SHB) from the Department of Economics and Statistics (DES), for another 3 years namely 2012, 2013 & 2018 has been added in shareable formats in the TNOGD portal. With this addition, public can access 7 years data of SHB’s from the year 2012 to 2018, covering the major 42 sectors of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Education, Health, Judicial Administration, Industries, Road and Transport etc.

In addition, the dataset on “Tamil Nadu at a Glance 2019” compiled by DES, has been updated for free availability to those who are interested.

Besides, the datasets from the Fire and Rescue Services Department have been updated under the categories indicated below:
•  Details of Fire Calls received and attended for the last 5 years
•  Details of Sanctioned Manpower Strength
•  Details of State, District Offices and Fire Stations in Tamil Nadu
•  Details of Rescue Calls received and attended for the last 5 years
•  Details of Vehicles in the Department and Field offices.

Also, the datasets from Tamil Virtual Academy (TVA) has been updated as detailed below:
•  Contact Centres of TVA
•  Academic Programmes (Certificate Courses) conducted by TVA
•  Rare Periodic Journals Digitized and Published in TVA’s Website
•  Rare Printed Books Digitized and Published in TVA’s Website.