A Digital India Initiative


December 12, 2018

PeopliHealth app connects the Government and the people on the Healthcare domain. The app facilitates Population Health Management for the Government officials, with the help of data analytics and sends notifications to the people.

PeopliHealth has 2 Mobile apps –
 One for the Government Officials, to monitor the Population Health
 Other for the people, to check any health notifications from the Government, monitor the pollution levels and health status in their respective localities as well as to receive personalized health notifications

Key features of PeopliHealth:
PeopliHealth – Government App
 Predictive analytics capabilities that can track the disease prevalence trend and forecast the spread of epidemic diseases, based on the historic data
 Analyses and visualizes the key health performance indicators that have direct impact on Population Health
 Facilitates early warning to alert authorities, to enable preventive or proactive measures

PeopliHealth – Public App
 Enables personalized health information and notifications from the government directly to the public
 Provides a platform for the public to assess the health status of the locality and provide the info back to the government
 Spreads awareness amongst the public regarding the risk of the communicable diseases, the pollution level in the respective localities and the possible health impacts
 Promotes the welfare of the children and pregnant women in the family, based on the data updated by the user during registration
 Option to search the hospitals and blood banks nearby