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Open Government Data Portal Sikkim set for take-off

June 7, 2016

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Many State governments have decided to release the data to the public in open formant because they believe wide and open access to such data will increase transparency and ready access to existing valuable data is essential for many decision making tasks such as protecting the environment, development planning, managing assets, improving living conditions, national security and controlling disasters.

In this context, Open Government Data Platform Sikkim, which will be used to share official data with the public, is going to be launched very soon under SODAAP.

The Sikkim Open Data Acquisition and Accessibility Policy 2014 (SODAAP) is designed so as to apply to all sharable non-sensitive data available either in digital (machine readable) or analog (human readable) forms but generated using public funds by various Ministries/Departments/Subordinate offices/organizations/agencies of Government of Sikkim.

The SODAAP policy is designed both to provide authentic data to buttress the achievements of the Government of Sikkim and to gather data on key metrics to be able to spur growth in all the areas of human development.

The Sikkim Open Data Acquisition and Accessibility Policy will apply to all data and information created, generated, collected and archived using public funds provided by Government of Sikkim directly or through authorized agencies by various ministries/departments/organizations/agencies and autonomous bodies.