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Coimbatore: Improving public service delivery using centralized systems

September 24, 2019

Initially, it was a major task for the public to put forth their grievances about lack of basic amenities such as potholes, erratic drinking water supply, non-burning of streetlights, non-removal of garbage etc., confronted by the public daily. Due to heavy administrative and procedural formalities the grievances did not reach the concerned corporation authorities in time.

To curb this problem the corporation has formulated an effective and efficient mode of attending to the grievances of the public. They have established a system where public can submit their issues via a SMS grievance number, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Telegram, and other methods. The Corporation has also implemented a Centralized Grievances Management Redressal system, Online Payment Mechanism and it has been automating property/water tax collection through hand-held devices.


This system allows to have a consolidated view of the grievances at one place. They can be visualized by Zones, Months, Departments, etc.

Grievances by Department

Until Grievance management system was introduced in the Coimbatore Corporation an impression was prevalent among the citizens of Coimbatore that there had been undue delay in getting things done at the Coimbatore Corporation and this has been improved with the new system. Now, the grievances from the various sections of the public are attended to by the corporation without delay, thereby placing the corporation in the right perspective.

Due to online submission, the revenue collection of the corporation has substantially increased by 60% when compared with 2017-18 financial year.

­­Coimbatore Corporation has already made a beginning in the right direction to deal with the initial problems in the proper implementation of e-Governance and make it feasible as well as viable for the public to easily access such services.